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Which color do you prefer ?

Craie VS Nata

Pick up the Hermes color you cherish!

The first of the close color comparison are the ivory colors "Craie" and "Nata", which have received many inquiries.

We will introduce the individuality of each of the two very similar colors from various angles.

1.Introducing "Craie"



Derived from the French word "chalk", Craie is the color that first made appearance in the Fall / Winter 2013 collection.

It is a little too bright to call it gray, as it has a slight paleish look. It also has a slight smoky feel compared to white, and has a shade of gray hints hidden somewhere. As the origin suggests, it is an off-white color that is reminiscent of chalk.

Depending on the lighting, it can also be a warm beige tinge, and its color is more subtle than Nata. It matches both casual and dressy styles.

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Comparison of materials

Depending on the material, you may feel a slight color difference. Even with the same "Craie", the Veau Epsom material (left / Bolide 27) has a brighter color than the Togo material (right / Birkin 30).


Left: Epsom leather/ Right: Togo leather

2.Introducing "Nata"



Introduced in the Fall / Winter 2019 collection, Nata comes from the Spanish word "cream".

Nata, which has a gentler impression than the clear white, is an ivory with a mellow warmth. It is a little brighter than Craie and has a yellowish tint like a vanilla ice cream.

While overflowing with the elegance unique to the Hermes Ivory, it seems to be a color that is easy to coordinate with casual styles due to its saturation.

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Comparison of materials

Although it is the same "Nata", the Taurillon Clemence material (Right / Picotin Lock MM) has a stronger yellowish impression than the Epsom material (Left / Birkin 30).


Left: Epsom leather/ Right: Clemence leather

3. Comparison of "Craie" and "Nata"

"Craie" that looks slightly grayish, and "Nata" that feels a little more bright and yellowish. The color of the leather itself is likely to be summarized in this way.

What's more about each beeswax and stitch? And what kind of color changes in different environments? I compared them.

Beeswax / Stitch

Introducing Beeswax and Stitch, which are necessary to compare Craie and Nata.

エルメス・クレとナタの商品画像 エルメス・クレとナタの商品画像

Left: Craie, Togo leather/ Right: Nata, Epsom leather

Craie's beeswax is light beige. The color of the leather as well as the color difference are almost mild, but on the other hand, the stitch color is brighter than the leather and has a strong presence.

On the other hand, Nata's beeswax is dark brown. The contrast with the leather is strong and sharp, but the stitch color is bright enough to match the leather.

Difference in color development with the same material

We compared with the same "Veau Epsom material". If the materials are the same, I feel that the colors of "Craie" and "Nata" are especially close.

エルメス・クレとナタの商品画像 エルメス・クレとナタの商品画像

Left: Craie, Epsom leather/ Right: Nata, Epsom leather

How colors look like depending on the environment

We have prepared a photo of "How colors look like with various light sources". Please refer to the delicate color difference between "Craie" and "Nata".

Lighting for shooting


Left: Craie, Togo leather/ Right: Nata, Epsom leather

Weak natural light + indoor


Left: Craie, Togo leather/ Right: Nata, Epsom leather

Strong natural light + indoor


Left: Craie, Togo leather/ Right: Nata, Epsom leather

Both colors are easy to match with various coordination and items, and are popular colors that are full of elegance unique to Hermès. This time, we introduced the elegant Hermes ivory "Craie" and "Nata".

Which color do you prefer?

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This is an introduction page of the Hermes' popular white colors (White / Blue pale / Pearl gray / Beton / Craie / Nata).


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