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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Hermes 2021 Annual Theme“Une odyssee”


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Hermès pink variation that carries happiness

The pink variations presented by Hermès are full of gorgeous colors! The dark pink with a strong presence matches the coordination cutely, and the light pink adds a slight femininity to the styling.

The pink colour is taking the world by fashion again. It's hard to take your eyes off from Hermes pink series, which will make your heart flutter no matter how old you are!


Hermès pink color comparison
Special "Hermès Seasonal Pink"
Rose Confetti
Rose Azalee
Hermès Pink List
Rose Sakura
Mauve Sylvestre
Rose Confetti
Rose D'ete
Rose Azalee
In the revival color of Hermes 2021 there is an abundance of pink!
Rose shocking

Hermès pink color comparison

Expressive pinks that brings out the charm of one's feminine side


Hermès pink collection, where you can play around subtly.

Even with the same pink color, the impression of coordination changes drastically depending on the "subtle differences that the color was first introduced" such as bluish pink and coral pink.

Even with the same color, the way it develops differs depending on the material combination. The real pleasure of Hermès items is that you can enjoy various looks that pleases your liking.

Which pink color fits nicely with your style?

"Hermès Seasonal Pink"

Click here for pink shades, which is currently widely produced in bags and accessories!


Light and gorgeous. Star color "Rose Confetti" that beautifully refine your outfit

Rose Confetti was born with the motif of "Confetti" that excites parties and carnivals. This pink color, which is both cute and elegant, yet has an extraordinary brilliance, brings the ultimate in femininity.


Extremely graceful mellow pink "Rose Azalee"

Rose azalee, which is as soft as an azalea flower, is a pink that goes well with adult style. As compared to Rose Confetti, the stronger pink tone is attractive and it adds even more elegance to your style.

Hermès Pink List

A light pink line-up that adds glamour to your outfit!


A natural color full of nuances with a condensed charm of pink.


The purple pink inspired by adorable flowers.


A representative of Hermès Pink, which is extremely popular for its extraordinary elegance.


A gorgeous star color that beautifully colors your most precious outfit.


An elegant color with a moderately suppressed hue that is ladylike.


A mellow pink that combines the cuteness and elegance of an adult.

In the revival color of Hermes 2021
there is an abundance of pink!

This season's revival colors include a variety of pink hues.
Many people have been waiting for the re-appearance of pink which once received a lot of attention.
Please pay attention to the development of revival colors that have been brilliantly restored in the present age by the exceptional technology unique to Hermès.

Hermes Pink
The fantastic color "pink" caused a sensational sensation as soon as it appeared in the collection and gained immense popularity. Even the colorist of Hermes, the pride of the grand maison, has said that this is exactly what "pink" is, and the color that condenses glamour and loveliness is here again!
Rose shocking
Rose shocking
Rose Shocking is a rare and valuable pink series that tickles women's playfulness and continues to be loved. The vivacious coloration is so cute that it will catch your eyes. The beautiful pink color with the same color stitching and silver hardware creates an exquisite sense of unity. The elegant, yet somehow girly and pop flavor is very attractive.
Hermes Framboise
Rasperry is a purple-pink color that adds a charming touch to your outfit. The balance of colours, which is extremely cute, yet somehow mature, is like sweet and sour strawberries.

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