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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Hermes Casual Bag Collection

Hermes' casual bags that combine functionality and elegance, such as the Picotin Lock, which has been in a popular item for the past few years and continues to be difficult to obtain, and Constance, which has a beautiful H-shaped clasp, are superb.

The handbag design fits easily in your hand, the crossbody type fits naturally with its high quality material.

Find the right model for you, according to your ocasion and style!

Crossbody Type

Hands-free and light weight on your hand, introduce the crossbody type.

Lindy mini


  • Evelyne Amazon TPM
  • Evelyne 3 PM

The "Evelyn" shoulder bag with the impressive "H" punching is a must-have for everyone.

The flexible form is very practical, with an opening that makes it easy to take things in and out and more storage space than it looks.

The overall rounded, soft-line look unique to Evelyn, which is somewhat cute, will tickle the fashionable hearts of adults all the way!"

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  • Constance 1-24
  • Constance mini
  • Constance 24

The Constance was introduced in 1967 and continues to exude timeless appeal.

The H hardware (clasp) that sparkles in the center of the flap gives it an iconic look, while at the same time it is full of functional beauty as the key to opening and closing the flap.

This classis bag has been loved for more than 50 years since its birth and is a magical item that makes you happy every time you pick it up.

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03.Lindy mini

  • Lindy mini

"The new iconic Hermès bag Lindy, with its boxy silhouette and contemporary metal accents, has been a stylish new icon since its creation in 2007, and now it is available in a mini size! The bag's functionality shines through as it opens wide when unzipped, leaving a simple yet striking impression.

The mini Lindy is a unique and stylish reinterpretation of the Maison's traditions in a more modern perspective. It is a masterpiece that could become a new trend."

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"Sophisticated casual wear" is what you can achieve with "Lindy".

the belt, with its modern feel, adds a touch of glamour to the daily scene.

Handbag Type

Introducing a handbag type that fits easily in your hand.

Picotin Lock
Garden Party

04.Picotin Lock

  • Picotin Lock Micro
  • Picotin Lock PM
  • Picotin Lock MM

"The Picotin series, with its lovely colon shape and name, has been a popular item since its first appearance in the early 2000s.

It is Hermes' most popular casual bag, which adds a cute touch of class to any casual style."

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Picotin lock "Lucky Daisy" series.

The highly anticipated of Hermes 2022 SS collection. The Picotin Lock, clad in a unique print, is the latest edition to the collection.

05.Garden Party

  • Garden Party TPM
  • Garden Party PM

Made of canvas or leathers, the Garden Party is a casual bag for both men and women.

The inside of the bag has been treated to prevent stains, and the simple design makes it easy to put things in and out of the bag.

The Garden Party was originally created as a bag for storing gardening supplies. The wide-open storage opening, a remnant of that design, is convenient not only for taking things in and out, but also for checking the stuff inside the bag.

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  • Lindy 26
  • Lindy 30

Since its creation in 2007, the Lindy, Hermès' new iconic bag, has been exceptionally stylish with its boxy silhouette and contemporary metal accents.

In addition to the appeal of its two-way bag, which can be worn as a shoulder bag or a handbag, the Lindy shines with its functionality, which opens wide when unzipped, leaving a simple yet striking impression.

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