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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Hermès sophisticated blue bring you into a fresh early summer mood!

“Blue” is a refreshing style suitable for the early summer weather. Hermès blue color, with its cool airiness and elegance, It matches not only leisure attire but also urban outfits!

Why not carry Hermès sophisticated blue and enjoy a fresh and intelligent summer look?

Enjoy the nuances that change with the different selection of hardware.

The look of blue, which changes delicately depending on the color of the hardware fittings, is one of its charms.
The cool silver hardware goes perfectly with the blue! It accentuates the cool blue and gives it a more urban and sophisticated look.

Gold hardware gives the bright blue an exquisite glamorous look. It also looks great against the calm navy blue and enhances the luxurious mood.

Summer bright blue with accessories

If you want to add blue as an accent to a basic outfit, we recommend small items such as wallets and bag accessories.
The fresh Hermès blue will bring a fresh early summer breeze to your usual outfits.

Check out the Hermès Blue collection!


Celeste, which means “sky” in French, is a sky blue color that evokes the sky far above the cities of France.

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Blue zanzibar

Blue Zanzibar attracts the heart with the translucent beauty of its sparkling ocean surface.
The bright, lush blue that seems to stand out from the palette is the mysterious sea that stretches across Zanzibar Island itself!

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Blue frida

Casual or chic. Blue Frida, from the Fall/Winter 2020 collection, will look perfect with your unique outfits. With this impressionable blue, you'll have plenty of fun styling beyond the trend!

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Blue france

A vivid blue reminiscent of the national color of France. This blue, with its serenity and certain elegance and intelligence, is a traditional color that has been loved by the people of France throughout the ages.
The expression of this beautiful blue that almost draws you in is truly unique to a French grand maison.

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Marine blue, named after the beautiful island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea. The color, which is also called “perfect blue” because of its beauty, is inspired by Greek resorts and transports you to blue sky and white cityscapes as far as the eye can see.

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Blue electric

Contemporary Hermès blue, Blue Electric. It is not as strong as navy blue and not as loose as pop colors, making it a hot color in the blue family, which includes many popular colors such as Blue Jean, Mykonos, Ciel, and Blue du nord.

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Blue saphir

The name Blue Saphir is derived from sapphire, a blue gem that is associated with intelligence and good fortune.
Only Hermès artisans have the imagination to create a captivating dark blue that captures the heart of the beholder while retaining the lustrous beauty of the sapphire.

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Blue indigo

Indigo blue is a color that drifts between luxury and casual. Adding a dark blue color to your wardrobe will expand the range of your outfits.

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