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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Classical elegance to add to

your ceremonial style

A formal bag from Hermès to complement your special occasion attire.

Introducing the Bolide 1923, a reliable handbag that can be used for any occasion, from ceremonies to everyday use.

With its beautifully trimmed and simple form, the Bolide 1923 combines a neat appearance with practicality, making it an outstanding performer on a variety of occasions.

What is Bolide 1923?

Born in 1923 as "the world's first bag with a zipper," the Bolide is a typical Hermès handbag. Its unique rounded shape, shoulder strap, and inside pockets are full of functional beauty.
The "Bolide 1923" is a revival of the original Bolide design with a modern interpretation of its beauty. Inheriting the practicality and functionality from the original Bolide design, the Bolide 1923 pursues a minimalist beauty that adds quality and classical dignity to adult attire.

Curvy and classical look

The Bolide 1923 has been revived in its original form, and a comparison with the original design reveals classic touches throughout, such as the softly rounded silhouette and shortened handle.

Front Design

Bolide 1923 25
Bolide 27

By eliminating the stitching that mimics the side pockets and the iconic "macaroon" name tag, the look is more simple.

Zipper bracket

Bolide 1923 25
Bolide 27

The hardware of the zipper handle is design in a round shape on the Bolide 1923.

Zipper tape depth

Bolide 1923 25
Bolide 27

The zipper tape is placed deeper than in the original design. The opening is wide, making it easy to take out the items inside the bag.

Inside pocket

Bolide 1923 25
Bolide 27

The original design has one inside pocket, while the Bolide 1923 has two pockets on each side.
*The Bolide 1923 Mini has one inside pocket.

More storage capacity than it looks

The Bolide 1923 has a sleek appearance, but it also has a lot of storage space. Please take a look at it for reference when you use Bolide 1923.

  • What can be carried in the Bolide 1923 mini

    The mini may be small, but it has a surprisingly large amount of storage space. It is attractive for its ease of access to smartphones, mini wallets, and other items.
  • What can be carried in the Bolide 1923 25

    With a perfect size of 25 cm, it can neatly carry a long wallet, a pouch, and other things you need for an outing. The exquisite size allows you to dress elegantly and is easy to use.
  • What can be carried in the Bolide 1923 30

    The large 30 cm bag with high storage capacity can comfortably hold an A5 notebook and a 500 ml plastic bottle. The beautiful form and secure capacity will be a big hit on the business scene as well!
Width height depth
mini 18.5cm 14.5cm 7.3cm
25 25cm 29cm 10.5cm
30 30cm 23cm 13cm

Enjoy with detachable strap

Like the original Bolide design, the Bolide 1923 also comes with a strap that can be attached or detached, making it a great shoulder bag!
It has an all-around dependability that you can rely on in everyday situations, such as going out with your children or on days when you have a lot of luggage.

Arranged items add flair!

We recommend that you match the Bolide 1923 with bag accessories to create your own unique look.
Switch the strap to an active bandouliere for a more casual look!

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