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  • Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

    Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group.

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  3. The Hermès White Collection dive into all the lovely ways to add more elegance to your early summer styling.

The Hermès White Collection dive into all the lovely ways to add more elegance to your early summer styling.


The beginning of summer, dressed coolly with Hermes' white.


A refreshing early summer. Hermès White, which has the best impression, is what you want to pick up in this season!

Hermes' white color is a fluffy and an elegant color with a pleasant feeling of outstandingness. White, which gives a light finish to any styling, makes an exceptional presentation in this season when you want to dress coolly.

Hermès “white color” comparison

From left:White/Blue pale/Pearl grey/Beton/Craie/Nata

Hermes' white color is attractive with its deep neutrality. It's a timeless color, so you can really enjoy and use it for a long time.

The shiniest White is a pure and distinguished aura. The transparent Blue pale and Pearl grey are characterized by a soft blue tinge. The harmonious shade of Beton is a modern light grey with a tint of warmthness. Craie and Nata are a mellow white beige with a feminine vibes.

The exquisite nuances created by the slight color difference give you a sophisticated adult look.

* The color and texture of the product may vary from one item to another and may differ depending on the shooting environment and screen settings.
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Play around the colors of the cute accessories! And have fun with the arrangement of both the accessories and twilly

Bag color:
1.Craie/2.Blue pale/3.White/4.Beton

White Color bags are fun to arrange with small leather items and twilly! Any color can be matched to bring out the vividness, hence you can try plenty of coordination that suits your mood of the day.

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At L’ecrin boutique SINGAPORE, we offer a variety of Hermès white color items.
Please check it!

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