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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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"Classic design with innovative creations"

Limited Edition
Hermès Kelly collections

The Kelly bag is one of the most iconic representative of the Hermès bags.' It has captivated the women from all over the world with its endless glamourous and flawless from every angle.
While inheriting its beauty, the kelly bags are updated with the times and feature innovative designs.

Even though it has an edgy visual, the beauty of the design in the details exudes the dignity unique to Hermès.
Pick up six Kelly bags that will give you a unique and personalized style!

Kelly In and Out

A unique design that makes you being touched
"Kelly In and Out"


The "Kelly In and Out" with bold prints is finally here.
The body depicts items unique to Hermès that subtly draw the eye. The delicate expression depicting even the texture of the material shows the craftsmanship of the Maison.

Kelly en desordre

"Kelly en desordre" is
coming out to enjoy a new asymmetrical balance.


The Kelly named "en desordre" from the AW 2022 collection has an attractive asymmetrical double-sided structure, as the name suggests.
The collection is an elegant and innovative modernity of the traditional icon of the Kelly, expressed in a unique form with an esprit de corps.

Kelly Dole Picto

A fashionable design that creating a happy mood.
"Kelly Dole Picto"


The doll bag "Kelly Dole", which was so popular and hard to source after its introduction in 1999, has been updated with a superlative sense of fun!
The cute smile is still there, but the pixelated, playful look will tickle the hearts of adults.

Kelly Colormatic

The "Kelly Colormatic" is eye-catching with
its unique and creative colors and pockets.


The Kelly "Colormatic" retains its iconic design, but with a pop of color and functional pockets.
The large front zip pocket and rear flap pocket are multi-faceted and attractive.

Kelly Padded

The Kelly's bag with a classic look and feel.
"Kelly Padded"


The "Kelly Padded" was inspired by the interiors of vintage cars.
The quilted design of the Kelly Padded is very different than other Kellys.
This Kelly Padded comes with subtle details such as Saddle Sitching. Saddle stiching accentuates the bag's edges and divides into different parts which make the Kelly Padded becomes so 'unique' and 'iconic'.


Hermès' exclusive edition


The Himalaya is the highest model of Hermès, and was called the "phantom Kelly" because of its rarity and the difficulty of obtaining it, even for world-class VIPs.
Hermès carefully selects only the finest crocodile from the Nile River basin, and only a few of them are used, so to speak.


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