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エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

Premium Birkin with special edition box and dust bag

Birkin Cargo 35

What is "Birkin Cargo 35"

Since its release in 1984, Birkin, the icon bag of Hermès, has appeared in various forms and gained its popularity all over the world. In the Birkin collection features Birkin Cargo, which combines custom-made design and functionality.

Inspired by firm and highly functional military wear, Birkin Cargo is made from durable canvas materials and smooth swift leather that are stitched together tightly to make it extremely durable.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

Great storage capacity! Wide variety of pockets.

A gusseted pocket on the front with plenty of room. Besides, the flat pockets on the side and back make this versatile bag look classy.

It has a total of five multi-pockets.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像
エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像
エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

Accessories that look as if they were special customize

As an accessory that characterizes Birkin Cargo, it comes with a beverage holder that can be attached or removed to match the occasion and mood. In addition, there is also a card case that is ideal for storing cards.

The Cadena cloche is included as well, just like a regular Birkin.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

Large capacity and lightweight materials

The combination of materials "leather and canvas" is lightweight yet sturdy, which increases the impression as you use it for a long time while enjoying the aging change.

Even the large capacity size Birkin 35 can be carried lightly because used of the material which is canvas

Canvas and swift leather
エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

Special edition orange box

It is unlike the regular orange box, the inside of the box's color is navy.

The orange box as if the jewelry box that is the hallmark of the masterpiece and it further accentuates the specialness of the product.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

The inside of the box is engraved with foil stamping, providing a subtle and beautiful contrast between navy and gold.

*Please kindly note that the box has slight damages, please contact the following for more details:

Navy with logo and laces.
Special Dust Bag.

An important dust bag to protect the bag from scratches and dust.

The logo and the strings are normally in brown, however this dust bag in special edition is unified by navy as well as the inside of the box, which makes luxurious impression.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

It is very rare color-patterned dust bag. The elegance of the navy, coupled with the premium bag and box, makes it more outstanding.

The "Birkin Cargo" is an example of Hermès' creativity and artistry.
The special edition box is decorated in navy with a shimmering gold logo on the inside, and the storage bag is navy, just like the inside of the box.
Collaborating with an item that is a work of art enhances the bag's inherent premium quality.

エルメス バーキンカーゴ35の画像

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