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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Kelly bag gives every woman in the world a dream just like an eternal Cinderella.

Click yo view our Kelly collection Debuting at a young age of 22 years, becoming a top-notch Hollywood actress and then to becoming the Princess of Monaco. Grace Kelly was basking in the media’s limelight. Her story was like a comeback of a modern Cinderella.Back date to the 1936s, this Hermes icon bag was born and initially called sac a courroie until it was popularized by and then named after the American actress and Monegasque princess, Grace Kelly. Within months of her marriage, the pregnant Princess of Monaco was photographed using the handbag to hide her growing belly from the paparazzi.That photograph was later featured in the Life magazine.Yes, this was how the name, Kelly bag derived.In a blink of an eye, the handbag achieved great popularity worldwide as a fashion icon. In 1956, Hermes International officially renamed the sac a courroie to sac a main Kelly. Hence, the Kelly bag is born in the shape of dreams which spreads happiness to the world.Soon, all the ladies wanted to emulate Grace Kelly ? “I want to be like her”. The imagination of a woman carrying a Kelly bag matches the image of a high class lady.  Hence, owning a Kelly bag became associated as an exclusive status symbol.The Kelly bag is a touch more formal, giving it a more refined feminine look and no matter which angle you look at this bag, it exudes an impeccable and ultimate form where it transforms any lady into a cosmopolitan style. Regardless of party or formal events, this bag is versatile, suited for all occasions and overflows with an enchanted mood. Because of its appealing form, women who carry Kelly bag portray an elegant and gracious image.Henceforth, this is one of the most coveted bags that every woman aspires to own.
Kelly25:W25×H17×D7cm Kelly28:W28×H22×D10cm Kelly32:W32×H23×D10.5cm Kelly35:W35×H24×D12cm ** Actual size of bag may vary with the stated size due to the characteristics of each leather.
Front Design Hardware:Hardware to lock the flap and courroie.
Courroie :Belts which holds the flap firmly in position Flap:A squarish flap that folds over naturally as part of the bag Handle:Single strap but sturdy handle. The metal fittings around the handle are used for attaching the shoulder strap.
Behind the Courroie:Production year, atelier, and craftsman code is stamped behind the courroie Hardware:Silver Hardware Gold Hardware Ruthenium hardware
Side Design Courroie:By adjusting the xxx, it creates more space in the bag, allowing one to put more things into the bag. Courroie also helps to keep the bag in shape.
Back Design Stitches:Hermes' signature cousu sellier stitching.
Back:Completed in a single piece of leather, this bag has a sleek and stunning shape.
Bottom Design Feet Studs:Helps to prevent scratches on the base of the leather bag.
Base:Rectangular base to fit the shape of the bag.
Inside Design Interior of the bag:Two large pockets for separate storage purposes. One of the pockets has a zip.
Cadenas:A signature feature since Haut a courroie (padlock). Commonly hooked on the center hole.
Clochette:Contains the keys of the padlock and often hung around the handle.
Difference between Retourne and Sellier Sellier:Bag has outside stitching and its body has sharper edges, giving it a more defined edge and a formal look.
Retourne:Bag is turned inside out so stitches are inside, resulting in Click yo view our Kelly collection


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