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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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  3. The popular Picotin Lock is now available in new "Felt" material.

The popular Picotin Lock is now available in new "Felt" material.

2020.12.12 | NEW ARRIVAL

The beauty of "Felt" material overwhelmed with warmness.

Picotin Lock bag Felt/Swift

The new Picotin Lock using Felt as the main material protrays a warm and soft image that is perfect for the coming autumn / winter season!

Since it is made of a solid and thick Felt material, it would hold the shape well and can be used for a long time.
In addition, the weight of Felt material is lighter than ordinary leather, allowing casual styling more delightful.

Picotin Lock bag Felt/Swift

The bi-material design reminiscent of "Picotin Lock Eclat"which the handles are lined with Swift Leather is smooth to touch.

Picotin Lock bag Felt/Swift

Felt, which is attractive for its fluffy texture and lightness, is an elegant wool material that allows you to indulge in its soft touch and the feeling of warmness. The silhouette that gently wraps around the high-quality Felt with excellent cushioning is as good as an imagination of a feminine, graceful curve.

Comparison between full leather of a Picotin Lock.

Picotin Lock bag Felt/Swift

From left: Clemence leather, Felt, Maurice leather,Epsom leather

Picotin lock in Felt material, has a completely different impression from the usual all-leather look. This warm look should goes well with the autumn /winter dress coordination unsurprisingly.

Picotin Lock bag Felt/Swift

For the special holiday season where one often heads out, or during Spring, the season of love encounters. How about adding it to your wardrobe as a special item that stands out?


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