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Encyclopedia of
Hermes Bag Charm
& Bag Accessory

Hermes bag accessories with a wide variety of shapes and colors that you wish to cherish forever. Each individual has a story, and the more you know about the materials, designs, and motifs, it increases the highlight of your senses.

A lineup that transforms your favorite Hermes bag into something more special to you. And we will share various coordination ideas with these accessories.

Rodeo Charm
Rodeo Charm Pegasus

Rodeo Charm, which is a bag accessory that makes you experience the spirit of Hermes while being lovely and fun, is a popular item alongside Twilly. You can feel the spirit of Hermes, which was once founded as a harness workshop, in an adorable form.

Depending on the multi-colored scheme, the impression will change dramatically. Hence, you will surely hope to meet one of your destiny.

Size Description

The rodeo charm is available in 3 sizes: PM, MM and GM. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Rodeo Charm" here!

The latest model of 2021 Rodeo Charm "Pegasus" with the growth of brand new wings.

The "Rodeo Charm Pegasus", which has become more adorable with its charming wings is born as the latest model in 2021!

"Rodeo Charm Touch" that casually conceals the modesty of the finest materials.

The "Rodeo Charm Touch" is produced with the finest crocodile material as the saddle, giving it an exceptionally luxurious look.

"Contrast stitching" that show subtle differences in expressions.

The rodeo charm is sewn in different color stitching with the exact same leather color scheme. In each of the fine differences, the proof of the craftsman's handiwork dwells.

List of Rodeo Charm

Oran Nano

The accessory Oran Nano was born with the motif of Hermes flat sandals "Oran" that can be worn around casually while being classy.

The "H" on the front, which symbolizes the brand and the delicate details are so sophisticated that you will fall in love with it.

Size Description

Oran Nano is available in one size. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Oran Nano" here!

Explore "pairing" that is inimitable to small sizes.

Because of its tiny size, you can enjoy layering coordination with various charms! Pairing between Oran Nano gives a cute finish just like a pair of sandals.

Additionally, pay attention to the evolution of premium material "Lizard"!

The type of Oran Nano where the "H" part of the front is adorn with high-grade material lizard. You can enjoy a luxurious coordination with simplicity.

List of Oran Nano

Kelly Twilly Charm

The traditional form of the Kelly bag is expressed in a mini size, Kelly Twilly. Whether it's the iconic belt, the flaps that open the lock, or the twilly-wrapped handle, it’s the Kelly bag itself!

With its exuberant elegance and presence, it makes any handbag much more elegant.

Size Description

Kelly Twilly Charm is available in one size. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Kelly Twilly Charm" here!

The long straps can be adjusted according to your own preference.

A Kelly Twilly strap may appear lengthy when attached as it is. It is recommended to wrap it around the handle and adjust it to the desired length.

In addition, the long strap makes it easy to stack on multiple bag charms, allowing you to enjoy various combinations.

List of Kelly Twilly

Sac Orange

The centerpiece of the brand’s icon expressed in a mini-size charm, Sac Orange, is a paper bag accessory. Add a sac orange to your Birkin, Kelly, Bolide or Garden Party and you'll find your own bag for a sophisticated outfit!

Size Description

Sac Orange is available in one size. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Sac Orange" here!

Two colors, orange and pink.

The sac orange is available in two colors: the classic Hermes orange and "Rose Mexico" presented at the Fall / Winter 2020 collection.

Whether it's an orthodox orange or a romantic purple pink, both of which are adorable, it's hard to choose.

The mini size is cute just as it is!

Sac Orange is a bag charm that looks like the Hermes Orange shopping bag. The color of the handle and the position of the logo marked with the "Le Duc carriage and servant" are recreated faithfully.

Coordinate with your favorite Hermes bag and it will always remind you of a fun shopping mood.

List of Sac Orange

Petit H

Hermes re-creation project, Petit H, is also called "upside-down creation" because it uses materials from the starting point of manufacturing. It was founded in 2010 by Hermes Artistic Director Pascale Mussard with the desire to "multiply the best materials" rather than simply recycling.

Not only traditional motifs, but also hearts, animals, cars, motorcycles, and so on. The materials that were slumber in the atelier are reborn into unexpected shapes by the hands of craftsmen. It's as if it was breathed a second life!

Size Description

The size of the petit h varies depending on the motif. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Petit H" here!

"Reversible specifications" that allows you to enjoy different colors easily.

Petit h with different colors on the front and back. This playful item will further enchance the enjoyment of coordination.

Change according to the mood of the day and the color of the bag!

List of Petit H

Rooroo Charm

A small leather item with a tiger motif, a Rooroo Charm. The bi-color between the main and secondary color surface from the notch of the material is so delightful.

Size Description

The Rooroo charm is available in one size. (Model:Birkin30)

Pay attention to the
"Rooroo Charm" here!

Large size with an outstanding presence!

Compared to a Rodeo Charm PM size, a Rooroo Charm is slightly larger. Even with only one coordination, you can feel the volume significantly.

List of Rooroo Charm

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