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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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  3. The Hermès White Collection adds a gentle elegance to your styling.

The Hermès White Collection adds a gentle elegance to your styling.

Hermes white color items image

Hermès' white color is a fluffy and an elegant color with a pleasant feeling of outstandingness.

White is a versatile color that can be used in any season, and it can class up an ordinary outfit with a sophisticated impression.

Find the perfect white for you from our wide selection of colors!

Hermès “white color” comparison

Hermes white color comparison

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Hermes white color comparison
Hermes White color map

Hermès' white color is attractive with its deep neutrality. It's a timeless color, so you can really enjoy and use it for a long time.

The exquisite nuances created by the slight color difference give you a sophisticated adult look.

Check out the Hermès White collection!

Hermes White Hermes White


The white color, with its unadulterated dignity, is light and exudes just the right amount of class, making it perfect for dates, shopping, and of course, vacation attire.
Hermes New white Hermes New white

New white

The New white is a clean white that makes your body and mind clear. New white, with its aura of sophistication and brilliance, will not only refresh your outfits but also your mood!
Hermes Gris pale Hermes Gris pale

Gris pale

Gris Pale, with its delicate color balance and soft elegance. The exquisite palette of the popular “pearl grey” color blended with the mellow white.
Hermes Mushroom Hermes Mushroom


Mushroom, with a mellow beauty in a bright presence. Attractive nuanced tone that adds depth to the clean white.
Hermes Nata Hermes Nata


Classy sweet ivory. The sweet, almost creamy coloring will wrap your casual style with soft elegance.
Hermes Craie Hermes Craie


Craie, derived from the French word “chalk”. This Hermès Ivory matches both casual and dressy styles.
Hermes Beton Hermes Beton


modern light grey with a tint of warmthness.It has a nostalgic yet contemporary feel, as if you were suddenly transported to the streets of Paris.
Hermes Pearl grey Hermes Pearl grey

Pearl grey

“Pearl Grey,” also known as Gris Pearl, is a light gray with a soft, pearly glow. The elegant and gentle color brings a natural sense of unity to a classy outfit.
Hermes Gris neve Hermes Gris neve

Gris neve

Gris Neve, with its green nuances that add just the right amount of lightness. The subtle coloring will create an intellectual mood.

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Comparison of color between “Craie” and “Nata”!
Comparison of color between
“Craie” and “Nata”!

The ivory colors “Craie” and “Nata”, which have received many inquiries. We will introduce the individuality of each of the two very similar colors from various angles.

At L’ecrin boutique SINGAPORE, we offer a variety of Hermès white color items.
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