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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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BIRKIN 『Birkin』Captivating women all over the world with Hermes ultimate luxury

French actress, Jane Birkin was not an expert at organizing her stuff. She does not bother about the public eyes and tends to fill her favorite tote bag and straw bag with all her personal items. One day, Hermes chief executive, at that time, Mr. Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin coincidentally on a flight from Paris to London. Jane Birkin's worn out rattan bag was packed to the brim and her organizer was almost dropping out. Mr. Dumas was shocked at the sight of it and so he immediately came up with an idea.
“I will design a bag for you - one that can fit all your stuff, including an inner pocket so that you can keep your organizer too.” Mr. Dumas said.
Thus in 1984, the Birkin bag was born. Jane fell in love with the bag and carried it with her wherever she went. She even decorated the bag with accessories. There is a common point between Jane Birkin, celebrities, models and all the women who long for a Birkin bag ? all these ladies have to juggle between their family and work and still look like they are enjoying their lifestyle. The Birkin bag is versatile and suited for all occasions. That is the reason why this bag is so appealing.
From mothers to daughters…
The ultimate status symbol of the modern women today. 
Like an eternal lifetime partner.
……This may be the alluring charm of the Birkin bag.
Birkin25:W25×H20×D13cm Birkin30:W30×H22×D16㎝ Birkin35:W35×H25×D18cm Birkin40:W40×H30×D21cm ** Actual size of bag may vary with the stated size due to the characteristics of each leather.
Front Design Courroie and Hardware:Courroie helps to keep the flap and the 2 belts firmly in position. 
Hardware for Courroie :By fastening the flap to the hardware, it prevents the bag from going out of shape due to the weight.
Flap:Flap that is cut specifically to fit the hardware and handle.
Handle:Sturdy handles that can support the weight and keep the bag in shape even if there are many things in it. The back handle is bigger than the front handle. The handles are also designed in a way where the handles do not overlap each other.
Behind the Courroie:Production year, atelier, and craftsman code.
Side Design
Width:Storage space increases by adjusting the courroie and width.
Pivot of the flap:3 layers of leather enable the pivot point of the flap to withstand the stress regardless of the numerous times of opening and closing of the flap.
Back Design Stitches:Hermes' signature cousu sellier stitching.
Bottom Design Feet studs:Helps to prevent scratches on the base of the leather bag.
Base:Rectangular base Leather strap:Additional base strap to help support the weight of the bag.
Inside Design Interior of the bag:Two large pockets for separate storage purposes. One of the pockets can be zipped.
Cadenas:A signature feature since Haut a courroie (padlock). Commonly hooked on the center hole.
Clochette:Contains the keys of the padlock and often hung around the handle. Birkin25 Birkin30 Birkin35 Birkin40 Birkinothers


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