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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Mother's Day Gifts

May 9, 2021 Mother's Day | Introducing the Garden Party

Garden Party and flowers

May 9th is Mother's Day.

The Hermes item that holds dignified beauty snuggles up to women who live politely every day.

As a gift for Mother's Day, how about the casual Hermes bag "Garden Party" which deepens your attachment each time you use it?

Whenever you take it in your hand, it looks neat and feels positive, and has a high level of functionality that you will notice by using it for the first time.

We will introduce the beloved points of the Garden Party that go beyond simple looks.

The representative of casual Hermes bags, "Garden Party"

Garden Party TPM

Canvas & all-leather Garden Party bags, a casual bag for both men and women.
Simple design with processed interior to better withstand stains.
Perfect for all occasions and easy-to-use.

The Garden Party that is often the choice not only as a regular bag nor office bag, but also as a mother's bag.

Due to its ease of handling and outstanding storage capacity, it is gaining popularity from all generations.

What kind of handbag is Garden Party?

front of the Garden Party


The front design of the Garden Party is impressive with a trapezoidal form.

It is the simplicity with minimal decoration that allows you to enjoy coordination in a wide range of styles.

Side of the Garden Party


At the top of the side, there is a snap button to secure the gusset.

You can adjust the gusset width according to customize the amount of luggage, such as removing it when you have a lot of belongings and keeping it slim when you have less.

Top of the Garden Party


The Garden Party born as a bag for storing gardening supplies.

The remnant of the "wide opening storage", is convenient not only for putting things in and out, but also for checking the contents of the bag.

Bottom of the Garden Party


Durable bottom surface.

The rounded form makes the coordination more feminine.

Serie button of the Garden Party

Serie button

The Hermes Serie button shines as an accent for a Garden Party.

It also brings a natural elevation to a casual bag that you can carry around comfortably.

The points of outstanding practicality

Inner pocket of the Garden Party

Inner pocket for storing small items.

The inner pocket is very convenient to store small items such as keys.
Besides, with the zipper attached to keep it safely.

Storage port of the Garden Party

Storage is secured

The storage space of the Garden Party can be closed snugly by fastening the button, making it difficult to see the contents inside.
Also, the buttons are very easy to remove so you can use it stress-free.

Width adjustment of the Garden Party

Side hook with adjustable gusset width

The hook on the side of the bag allows you to adjust the width of the gusset.
It can be adjusted freely to accommodate the capacity of your luggage, so you can carry it around without hesitation!

Comparison of popular Garden Party sizes

The trapezoidal shape of the Garden Party is a trademark, and the capacity can be adjusted, making it a perfect handbag for everyday use!

Introducing the popular sizes "TPM" and "PM".

Garden Party TPM and PM
Garden Party TPM
Measurements :
Accompanied by the original Hermes :
Cotton bag
Garden Party PM
Measurements :
Accompanied by the original Hermes :
Cotton bag
Garden Party TPM and PM

The light TPM is perfect for a little outing!
Although it is a small size, it has enough storage capacity when the gusset is expanded, and it is a versatile size that suits a wide range of dresses.

With PM size, which has a larger storage capacity, you can rest assured that even if your luggage increases on the way out.
It can also store A4 size documents and tablets, which can be an advantage for office workers.

Please choose the size that suits your lifestyle!

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