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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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"The ultimate in elegance and presence"

Limited Edition
Hermès Birkin collections

The Birkin, the iconic bag representing Hermès, has timelessly fascinated people all over the world.

We have selected six different models that feature the craftsmanship among limited edition models with a radical new interpretation of the Birkin collection that reveals its true value as time goes by.

Pochette Birkin Shadow

"Pochette Birkin Shadow"
with artistic design


The Birkin Shadow, which has become the Maison's most innovative collection, is now available in a clutch bag model.
With its horizontal design, the Pochette Birkin Shadow create a trompe-l’œil effect through the illusion of a top flat and sangles, looks like a closed flap of a Birkin.

Birkin Sellier Casaque

The unique color scheme and elegant form of
the Birkin Sellier Casaque are enchanting.


The Birkin Sellier Casaque, boldly decorated with the classic tricolor, is an item that is full of Hermès' playful spirit.
The formal form is finished with outer stitching" that allows you to fully appreciate Hermès' iconic rhythmic "couge serie" stitchwork.

Birkin In and Out

A unique design that makes you being touched
"Birkin In and Out"


The Birkin "In and Out" collection, with its bold prints, is now available in a classic White color.
The prints seem to reflect the contents of the bag on the outside of the classic bag. The playful spirit of Hermès shines through in this innovative creation.

Birkin Fray Fray

The "Birkin Fray Fray" is a traditional Birkin
form and designed with a playful spirit.


The Birkin Fray Fray, with its timeless Birkin design and light fringe, is both casual and sophisticated.
It is made of durable "Twill H" and smooth-feeling "Swift" stitched tightly together to create a very sturdy construction.

Birkin en desordre

It looks like an optical illusion,
"Birkin en desordre"


The half flap and back pocket designed like a puzzle art piece over the bag, with the asymmetrically decorated handles. The Birkin en desordre has a fascinating imbalance design, and it looks like the iconic Birkin form which has been drawn and reconstructed from multiple perspectives.
You can no longer take your eyes off the fascinating balance created by the irregular harmony of the combination of different materials that adorn each part of the bag.


Hermès' exclusive edition


The Himalaya is the highest model of Hermès, and was called the "phantom Birkin" because of its rarity and the difficulty of obtaining it, even for world-class VIPs.
Hermès carefully selects only the finest crocodile from the Nile River basin, and only a few of them are used, so to speak.


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