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Hermès Fall/Winter 2022 collection! "In-The-Loop", inspired by "Chaine d'Ancre".

The It Bag, decorated with motifs which is unique to Hermès!

Hermes In-The-Loop bag 18 Beton Clemence leather/Swift leather Silver hardware

"In-The-Loop" is based on Hermès' iconic "Chaine d'Ancre" bracelet. A new bag has appeared in this remarkable collection.

After its launch, the bag was the topic of the town, with its bucket-shaped form like a picotin lock and sophisticated design.

We will introduce the charm of "In-The-Loop" with a comparison to the Picotin Lock.

Design inspired by "Chaine d'Ancre"


The bag is elegantly adorned with geometric curves reminiscent of the Chaine d'Ancre. The bold motifs in the design give the bag an outstanding presence.

The handles and bottom are made of smooth leather, a different material from that used for the body. The beautiful tailoring of the bag gives it a classy appearance.


The clasp used to fasten the bag compartment opening is as beautiful as a piece of jewelry.


The motif on the bottom of the bag is structured to firmly support the entire bag. Not only the design, but also the craftsmanship of Hermès shines subtly.

Bag compartment with clasp closure


This bucket-shaped bag is attractive because of its wide compartment opening, which makes it easy to put your stuff. A clasp fastens the opening to keep the contents of the bag out of sight, allowing you to carry it without anxiety.


The top of the bag can be made more compact by fastening the bag. The bag can be comfortably opened and closed with the clasp depending on the amount of your personal items.

Comparison of In-The-Loop and Picotin Lock

イン・ザ・ループとピコタンロックPMの比較画像 イン・ザ・ループとピコタンロックPMの比較画像
From left
In-The-Loop 18:(W)18×(H)19.5×(D)12cm
Picotin Lock 18/PM:(W)18×(H)19×(D)13.5cm

We compared the In-The-Loop 18 and the Picotin Lock 18/PM from different angles.

There is no significant difference in overall size, but when viewed from the front, the In-The-Loop is slightly stouter.

When compared sideways, the In-The-Loop is sleeker due to the difference in gusset width.

From left In-The-Loop 18/Picotin Lock 18/PM

Comparing the bottoms, the In-The-Loop is decorated with a swift material , as opposed to the Picotin Lock with bottom studs.

It is also made with a self-supporting structure and is solid and strong.

From left In-The-Loop 18/Picotin Lock 18/PM

Comparing the inside, the In-The-Loop has a flat pocket on one side for storing small items, compared to the Picotin Lock, which has a simple structure.

The design of the pocket, which is curved to match the handle, is sure to show the craftsmanship that has gone into every detail.

In addition, both models are constructed from a single piece of leather, so you can enjoy the texture of the material itself on the inside.

"In-The-Loop" is a bag with a rounded shape like the Maison's signature casual bag, the Picotin Lock.

The "In-The-Loop" bag is currently on the rise. Look out for a new iconic bag that is a perfect combination of cuteness and elegance.


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