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  • Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

    Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group.

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All Products Are Authentic

We do not handle any copied product or any law breaking illegal product. Maison L'ecrin Singapore Pte. Ltd. in direct management of L'ecrin Boutique Singapore is active in preventing the circulation of copied and illegal product on a daily basis so that all customers are able to enjoy a much more safe and comfortable shopping experience.

All Products Are Brand New

We exclusively handle brand new product that have been purchased at the Hermes boutiques and have been imported mainly from Europe and all over the world. We do not handle factory product, "Shooting Star Marked" product, used product, recycled product, B-rated product, or failed product.

Shooting Star Marked
Some products with an engraved meteor are bags for relevant parties in Hermes.
This is what is referred as "Shooting Star" marked unlike the genuine sold in Hermes boutique.
Hence, such item may breach the trademark rights of Hermes.

S Marked
It refers to the items which are sold by Hermes during sales period.
There are some items indicating such as "S" mark are attached to distinguish it from the genuine product.

A Corporate Group That Handles Hermes Products Exclusively

L'ecrin Boutique Tokyo and L'ecrin Boutique Singapore at Palais Renaissance are directly managed by Maison L'ecrin Group. We are a corporate group that solely handles Hermes products. Utilizing our abundant knowledge and rich experience as a specialized enterprise, we constantly aim to gain and maintain our customers' trust and loyalty.

Thorough Quality Control Measures

In order to maintain equivalent high leather quality and brilliant color uniformity like Hermes, we adopt various methods to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the boutique and the stock room are under optimum conditions. Furthermore, stringent tests were conducted to ensure that the lightings in the showcases do not emit any ultra-violet light or excessive heat.
From arrival of the products to shipping them out to customers, detailed and comprehensive checks are done by our staff. As an established business enterprise, our experience has enabled us to enforce various strict quality control measures.

After-Care Service For Assurance

All Hermes products are provided with an after care service with Hermes Boutiques such as repairs.
※ There may be instances that cannot be administered due to repair situations which lack of repair parts inventory within Hermes, conditions of the product and other circumstances 「L'ecrin Boutique Singapore」is not a boutique directly managed by Hermes.

Products Available For Viewing At The Boutique

Products featured in our website are also available for viewing at our retail boutiques, L'ecrin Boutique Singapore and L'ecrin Boutique Tokyo, which are both managed by the corporate group.
→ Click here for access and store information
*We seek your understanding that not all products may be available for viewing. Items sold will not be available for viewing.

Renowned For The Largest Inventory Of Birkin Bags Japan and Singapore

Together as a group, we have more than 200 Birkins in stocks. We are known for having the largest inventory of brand new Birkin bags in Japan and Singapore.
(Based on corporate research done in July 2019)
→ Please click here to see our list of Birkin bags.


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