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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Adding the finest luxury to your lifestyle


Hermès wallet・long wallet

Functional beauty that is so complete that you can tell at a glance that it is Hermès, and the brilliance of iconic metal fittings.

Hermès wallet's "transcendental creativity", which deserves to be called an eternal classic, fascinates us always.

Hermès wallet lineup

Four types of Hermès wallet series which leaves strong impression: "Bearn Souuflet" with its shining, symbolic "H" shaped clasp, "Azap Silk In" with a story itself once you unzip, "Kelly Wallet" that inherits the form of the Kelly bag, and "Dogon", recognizable by its Clou de Selle clasp where a leather strap is delicately slipped through.

Bearn Soufflet

Size: (W)18×(H)10×(D)1.5cm

Hermès long wallet Bearn Soufflet


Get a lifetime of a masterpiece.

The iconic "H", the symbol of Hermès. And the various selection of color that Maison is so good at is so remarkable.

Hermès long wallet Bearn Soufflet

An iconic wallet that represents the Hermès wallet

Bearn Soufflet is a representative of Hermès wallet, where the "H" shaped clasp symbolizes the brand itself.

As compared to the Bearn Classic, it has a gusset, about a cm. And it also features a plump silhouette that has multiple compartments so one can actually fully utilized the wallet.

Hermès long wallet Bearn Soufflet

Handicraft by the Artisan, it is done with a comfortable touch

The choice of leathers used for Bearn Soufflet are mainly "Veau Epsom", "Chevre" and "Crocodile".

Epsom leather, which is characterized by its hard texture, is less noticeable in scratches and dirt, and the goat leather chevre is a popular leather because of its lightweight and durability. Especially the crocodile leather on Bearn Soufflet, lures the most attention at the same time when you enjoy the natural luster and the finest touch of the leather.

Enjoy the pleasant touch of Hermès Artisan's handicrafts.

Hermès Bearn Soufflet items

Azap Silk'In

Size: (W)20×(H)11cm

Hermès long wallet Azap Silk'In


Stress-free usability.

The round zip which creates a beautiful smooth curve, is made with an effortless and accessible design in mind.

Hermès long wallet Azap Silk'In

The "U-shaped" round zip is the key to easy usage

The charming point of Azap, which has a superb reputation for storage capacity, is the round zip. It opens wide and the contents are easily accessible, allowing smooth retrieval of items.

Hermès long wallet Azap Silk'In

The coin case in the center is also very useful as a partition

With a pocket that holds 12 cards, you can view easily at a glance.The coin case, which also functions as a partition, helps to keep the contents organized.

Hermès long wallet Azap Silk'In

The interior adorn with silk, "Azap Silk'In"

Azap Silk'In was born using the same silk fabric as Hermès Carre on the inside, while maintaining its excellent functional beauty.

The story of the two different materials, fine leather and smooth silk fabric, is sure to enthral those who love fashion.

Hermès long wallet Azap Silk'In

Unzip into the beauty of the Hermès Carre

The inside of the Silk'In is decorated with an artistic pattern. The pattern drawn on is just like a painting, and on the canvas it is as if the colors are enjoying a splendid dance.

Hermès Azap Silk'In items

Kelly Wallet

Size: (W)20×(H)12cm

Hermès long wallet Kelly Wallet


Presence of the leading role!

As a purse or as a clutch bag to suit the mood of the day.You can enjoy the outstanding presence styled in 2 ways.

Hermès long wallet Kelly Wallet

Authentic items with unwavering formality

A Kelly wallet that inherits the form of the Kelly bag, which is well-known as "women's admiration". The design features a prominent presence and a signature "shine" that is typical of Kelly to create a luxurious look.

Hermès long wallet Kelly Wallet

The fineness and devotion to achieve "ultimate beauty"

The zipper is accompanied by the Hermès iconic Cadena.The beauty of the craftsmanship in the details is unique to the Kelly wallet.

Hermès long wallet Kelly Wallet

"Depliant" specializing in functionality

The voguish “depliant” style features pockets with snap buttons in the iconic Cadena motif.

Hermès Kelly Wallet items


Dogon GM: (W)20×(H)12cm

Dogon Long: (W)20×(H)10cm

Hermès 財布・long wallet Dogon


A versatile wallet with practicality.

Classy yet elegant, its creative design combines with a sense of usefulness.

Hermès 財布・long wallet Dogon

Everyone can't take their eyes off Hermès Sellier!

The Dogon series has been a staple of Hermès wallets for a long time.

The togo material that is mainly used is characterized by its natural texture and delicate embossing.It is a popular material because of its resilience to scratches and dirt even when used daily.

Hermès 財布・long wallet Dogon

A pleasant design with a thoughtful consideration meant for the user.

The Dogon Long and the Dogon GM comes with a removable coin case which is designed to accommodate and expands widely for easy access to coins.

It is a reliable item that is forever classy, ​​yet has practicality.

Hermès 財布・long wallet DogonGM

The Dogon GM comes with a coin case that can be used for multiple purposes.

Hermès 財布・long wallet Dogonロング

On the back of the Dogon Long is a zipped coin case that opens wide.

Hermès Dogon items

At L'ecrin boutique TOKYO, we offer a variety of Hermès wallet items.
Please check it out!

Hermès Wallet items

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