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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Hermes 2021 Annual Theme“Une odyssee”


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Hermès Gold” symbolises the imperial elegance.

Hermès’ typical brown color that gives a rich finish to your outfit.

Hermès' typical brown color that gives a rich finish to your outfit

Hermès Gold is a popular classic color along with Black and Etoupe. Often chosen as the First Birkin/ First Kelly, the basic brown is elegant and fits well in any styling.

Hermès Gold presents different looks depending on the hardware and leather. Once you own it, you’ll definitely want to try with different kind of outfits.

And for brown shades, which has been introduced one after another in recent years, is a category that we must keep an eye on now and in the future. Why don’t you find the “Only One” Hermès item that you can coordinate most according to your style because it is a classic color?

“White stitching” that distinguished the Hermès Gold.

“White stitching” that distinguished the Hermès Gold

The element of Hermès Gold is the white stitching. Classy white stitching on top of the camel color is a design that distinguished Hermès Gold. Gold, which is famous as “the color chosen for First Hermès”, is exactly the brown color that represents Hermès.

Gold hardware that changes the impression together with the leather material.

Gold hardware that changes the impression together with the leather material.

When choosing a gold item, be sure to pay attention to the differences in hardware depending on the texture of the leather.

The more stiff material, Epsom leather, further enhanced the classic impression of the gold shade.
The softer material, Togo and Taurillon Clemence leather, combined with the gold color, gives a more gentle and elegant finish.
The smooth material, Swift leather accentuates the softness’s elegance with its beautiful color finish and unique luster.

The color of the metal hardware affects the overall impression of the bag.

The color of the metal hardware affects the overall impression of the bag.

The gold hardware is gorgeous and full of presence, giving a luxurious and feminine atmosphere. While the silver palladium hardware combines intelligence, bringing a sharp impression.

Both of hardware harmonizes beautifully with the gold colored handbag. How about choosing according to your own image and style?

Introducing the “Hermès Brown” lineup with various personalities!

Light brown

Light brown with a touch of yellow and red.

“Sesame”, which was once developed mainly in exotic leather, is a camel color with attractiveness that is pleasing when cultivated with high-grade materials. It is a color that is loved every time you use it.
Caramel from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. As the name implies, is a light brown color that filling your heart with a sweet and gentle feeling.
“Gold”, which is also popular as the color chosen for the First Birkin, is a representative of the Hermès color variation. It is also known as camel or brown.
Cookie, which means “cookies” in French, is a sweet and gentle natural brown that makes you feel relaxed just by looking at it. The harmonious and tasteful brown color gives a mature sense of calmness and warmth to a sophisticated outfit.
Bronze dore
“Bronze dore”, which was introduced in the Spring / Summer 2020 collection, is a light brown with a motif of French antiques.

Enjoy more Hermès Brown with “bi-color model” !

bi-color model

Only classic colors can show outstanding compatibility with any color. When combined with brown, the vibrant colors exude a mellow and gentle impression, whilst the feminine colors give a more classy appearance.

Hermès Gold items

L'ecrin boutique SINGAPORE offers a variety of Hermès gold items.
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