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  • Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

    Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group.

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  3. Recharge your energy with "Hermes Yellow," which carries a cheerful mood!

Recharge your energy with "Hermes Yellow," which carries a cheerful mood!

People can’t take their eyes off you! Hermes' yellow color overflows with a happy aura.

Hermes Yellow leather items are eye-catching and beautifully colored. The nuances range from soft pale tones to vividness.

We are pleased to introduce you to the many variations of Hermes Yellow, with its versatile expression.

Various variations of Hermes Yellow

From left:Jaune de naples, Jaune citron, Jaune bourgeon, Limoncello, Lime, Jaune poussin
  • Limoncello

    A mellow yellow color derived from a lemon liqueur produced in southern Italy.

  • Jaune citron

    A bright yellow that bursts with freshness and uplifts the heart.

  • Lime

    A rich yellow color that evokes the impression of fresh, lush fresh fruit.

  • Jaune de naples

    A cheerful yellow color with plenty of sunlight from Naples, southern Italy.

  • Jaune bourgeon

    A fresh yellow color like a bud that heralds the beginning of a story.

  • Jaune poussin

    A soft and warm pale yellow, meaning "chick" in French.

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The latest color from the Hermes Fall/Winter 2022 collection!

The newest color for 2022AW, "Limoncello" picotin rock, was introduced along with the Hermes 2022 annual theme "Lighthearted (more lighthearted)".

The mellow yellow color, derived from lemon liqueur originated in southern Italy, will brighten and refresh your unassuming style!

Wearing Hermes yellow, which adds elegance to any outfit, you will discover a whole new way of styling.


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