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The latest Kelly's bag with a classic look and feel.

'Kelly Padded'

The Kelly bag is one of the most iconic representative of the Hermès bags.' It has captivated the women from all over the world with its endless glamourous and flawless from every angle.
'The latest classic bag Kelly Padded' is now available in the Kelly collection.
Let's take a closer look at the charm of the new 'Kelly Padded'. You can say that it shows the new and expresses a quaint depth of taste.

What is "Kelly Padded"?

The "Kelly Padded" was inspired by the interiors of vintage cars. The quilted design of the Kelly Padded is very different than other Kellys.
This Kelly Padded comes with subtle details such as Saddle Sitching. Saddle stiching accentuates the bag's edges and divides into different parts which make the Kelly Padded becomes so 'unique' and 'iconic'.

The details of three-dimensional form using sewing technology

The "Embossing" applied by the sewing techniques cultivated by the Hermes accentuates the beauty of the soft leather and gives it an attractive and plump texture.
The front, back and flap of the bag are all decorated with different parts that give the bag a soft volume.
The subtly accented design will add dignity to a wide range of outfits.

Color variation

Hermes Kelly Padded bag 25 Sellier
Black Swift leather Silver hardware
Blue saphir
Hermes Kelly Padded bag 25 Sellier
Blue saphir Swift leather Silver hardware

Special edition orange box

It is unlike the regular orange box, the inside of the box's color is navy.

The orange box as if the jewelry box that is the hallmark of the masterpiece and it further accentuates the specialness of the product.

The inside of the box is engraved with foil stamping, providing a subtle and beautiful contrast between navy and gold.

*Please kindly note that the box has slight damages, please contact the following for more details:

Navy with logo and laces.
Special Dust Bag.

An important dust bag to protect the bag from scratches and dust.

The logo and the strings are normally in brown, however this dust bag in special edition is unified by navy as well as the inside of the box, which makes luxurious impression.

It is very rare color-patterned dust bag. The elegance of the navy, coupled with the premium bag and box, makes it more outstanding.

The modern presence of the 'Kelly Padded' will only become more attractive with time just like a vintage car.

The new Kelly Padded is a classic with a playful and adult feel.

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