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    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

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Make every day dramatic with sophisticated greige.


Hermès classic grey "etoupe"

As the color choice for the first Hermes, etoupe is popular along with black and gold. Its elegant color is also called"Etoupe"or"greige".

Yellow, gold, and a slight brown are added into the shade which makes you feel familiar while being a representative of Hermes gray.

This exquisite nuance color is perfect for a party dress-up style, as well as for casual attire. The comfort of embracing all styles is what attracts many Hermes fans.

Speaking of grey in the past, "Etoupe" and one-tone lighter "Tourterelle Gray" were popular. In the 2020AW collection, "Tourterelle Gray" is not being produced, hence "Etoupe" or one-tone darker "Etain" has become a popular pick.
* As of October 2020, according to our research

The color "Etain" introduced in the Hermes 2011 Fall / Winter collection. A beautiful matte gray, which means 'tin' in French, is easy to match with casual styles and perfect for any occasion.
Etoupe grey
Etoupe grey is a very popular color. It's elegant yet youthful and casual, hence by adding it to your outfit shall enhance your mood and coordination.
Taupe grey
Taupe is renowned among fashionistas as a magical color that matches any outfit. Hermes artisan has sublimated the traditional colors of these high-end brands into gray, which leads to deep imagination in what you see with its original warmth.
Beige de weimar
"Beige de Weimar" expresses the soft and elegant atmosphere of "Weimar", a city where many contemporary arts and arts were born! This new greige brings out the three-dimensional effect created by leather with a lovely expression seems to bring comfort that fits perfectly in the usual wardrobe.

L'ecrin boutique SINGAPORE offers a variety of Hermes greige items. Please check it!

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