Shower in happiness
this Christmas
with Hermès

Once a year, the magic of Hermes strikes and feelings soar! It’s not just revealing a precious item when you unbox the orange box. Packed in it, is the craftsmen’s dedication, who used their imagination and the finest selected materials to create items that sparkle like jewelery; and also a skilled colorist’s creativity who used colors to narrate stories in their crafts. Of course, your excitement and anticipation is also packed in the box. Imagine the gentle illumination that shines upon you and embrace in the infinate happiness. Now pack the exuberance and zest into the orange box!

Christmas Campaign

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Discover the world of Hermes

Ever since established, Hermes is renowned for its elegant and timeless styles. Using fine quality materials combined with impeccable craftsmanship, Hermes conjures up a story that many other fashion houses can't even begin to compete alongside. The spirit to constantly achieve the highest quality in every element is apparent from the iconic Birkin & Kelly bags to casual bags and small leather goods such as Garden Party, Bearn and Dogon wallets representing the French “La grande maison”.

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