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  • Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique
    Seven Points Of Reliability At L'ecrin Boutique

    Expanding the Hermes specialized boutiques to Tokyo and Singapore by Maison L’ecrin group.

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Hermes 2021 Annual Theme“Une odyssee”


Hermes Birlin ConciergeHermes Birlin Concierge
Hermes Kelly ConciergeHermes Kelly Concierge
Hermes Leather CatalogueHermes Leather Catalogue
Hermes Color CatalogueHermes Color Catalogue
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Year-End & New-Year
Year-End & New-Year
※L'ecrin Boutique Singapore will resume operations on 15th Feb 2021. We apologize if you have made prior phone calls/emails previously, we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Dispatch service will end at 15:00 on Thursday, 11th February 2021.
※Dispatch service varies depending on the payment method.
Therefore, please see below if you would like to receive the item before Chinese Lunar New Year
銀行振込銀行振込Confirmation of purchase and payment must be made/received before 15:00 on 11th February 2021.*1
Last date of delivery before the festive season will be dispatched on 11th Feb 2021.
*1 Please be informed that it does not mean the date of ordering.

※Delivery date may be subjected to delays due to various conditions including weather, traffic conditions and the other circumstances.
※Orders received after the date above, will be dispatched on or after Monday, 15th Feb 2021.

<Chinese New Year Period Opening Hours>
We are open until 20:00SGT on Thursday 11th Feb 2021, and we will reopen
at 11:00SGT on Monday, 15th Feb 2021.
We are afraid that we will be closed between Friday, 12th Feb 2021 - Sunday, 14th Feb 2021.

<Dispatch Service during Chinese New Year Holidays>
Online orders and enquiries will be accepted via email during the Chinese New Year Holidays.
L’ecrin Boutique Singapore will dispatch orders received/taken on our following work day, 15th Feb 2021.

<About Enquiries>
We sincerely thank you for taking the time out to send us your enquiry. In the meanwhile, we will respond to your queries via email/phone.
We do apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you very much for your kind understanding.

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